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It wasn't too many years ago that Taylor Made was being criticized for bringing out a "new" club every year and what it was doing to pricing models. Now almost everyone is doing it. At these price points, it is not surprising to see equipment sales slowing when products show little differentiation from the previous year's models. 10k not withstanding. And last year's models from TM or Cally or Cobra or Ping, even 2022 models, are still in good supply at GG or PGASS. I think we will continue to see that category drop as the economy continues to soften and consumers' credit cards are tapped out.

Also there is no place on H&B to enter an email address. Looks like they are missing on their end. Unless I am really lost.

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Salient points Keith - thanks for the comments!

It is working on mobile and desktop on my end. Feel free to direct message me your email address and I will make sure you are entered.

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